Episode 18 – Nervous System Physiology with Dr. Aruna Shivam

Action potentials, neurotransmitters and nystagmus! Dr. Aruna Shivam is back for Episode 18 to chat about her favourite subject. We cover all of the ‘must know’ bits as well as a few of the more obscure but still possible questions from this area. I also give an update on how you can help support the podcast in order to keep it online as a free resource – check out more at https://www.buymeacoffee.com/primarycast

I hope you are all doing ok! I remember when I was studying for the MCQ Feb sitting (Mine was 2020.1) I had my big breakdown right on boxing day. Something about having a few days off to be festive, realising that January was a week away and feeling so overwhelmed I couldn’t really function. If this is you, please don’t feel like you are the only one and please check in with your friends so they know you are feeling a bit down. This exam is hard AF and you are doing your best with what you have and thats literally all you can do. Keep going, be kind to yourself.

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