Episode 26 – GIT & Metabolism Physiology with Dr Lou Gabauer

Digestion, absorption and ALL the pancreatic enzymes. Dr Lou Gabauer takes a break from her rollerskating career to help me navigate the physiology of the GIT activities. This might seem like a lower yield topic and it can be annoying to get through but they do like to throw in a few questions from here. Some of these are really easy to remember so it’s worth spending a bit of time on this one so you have the answers somewhere in your brain. The last section is on the LIVER which comes up all the time so if nothing else, please look at that.

Lots of the words in here are really hard to pronounce, so make sure you practice them out loud before the viva… it took us a few goes on this recording to get things right.

2 thoughts on “Episode 26 – GIT & Metabolism Physiology with Dr Lou Gabauer”

  1. Great Content. Thank you for doing this for ACEM candidates.

    You do not have to publish this comment, but a little correction. Iron is transported in Ferric Fe3+ form bound to Transferrin (12:18)

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