Welcome to Primary Cast!

I’m Charlotte, an Emergency Registrar working in Australia. This podcast came about because when I was revising for the ACEM primary exams I couldn’t find any audio content that was specific enough for what I needed.

A friend of mine has also just had a baby at the time and couldn’t make it to revision sessions. At my viva I also met people working in remote/rural places that didn’t have anyone to study with. So, the podcast idea was motivated by wanting to create a ‘study group’ for people who couldn’t attend those in-person sessions that I had found so helpful.

Each episode covers a particular subject and topic in a Q&A format. The answers are slightly polished model answers from currently (in 2021-2023) available past exam papers. There are also some bonus episodes on exam technique, coping with failure, and how to balance your life around studying for these exams.

 I hope that those of you listening will find it helpful and will enjoy being part of this virtual study group.


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