Episode 20 – Head and Neck Anatomy with Dr. Sophie Richards

Orbits, neck triangles and more foramina than you can handle…Dr. Sophie Richards is in the podcast studio to discuss all things head and neck anatomy.  Another HUGE topic and one that I found particularly challenging. Listen to the end to find out which of these questions literally brought me to tears, then learn how to answer it! 

The hand-drawn revision notes for this week are some that I worked really hard on whilst prepping for my exams and I was really stoked with how they turned out. Obviously I never planned for them to go anywhere in public (so they aren’t as neat as I’d like) but hopefully some of you will find them useful.

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4 thoughts on “Episode 20 – Head and Neck Anatomy with Dr. Sophie Richards”

  1. Love your structured approach to these concepts. Head and neck was not my strong suit for the MCQ, this is a great viva tool, thanks Charlotte!

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