Episode 2 – Cardiovascular Pathology with Dr. Monica Leung

For Episode 2 I was joined by Dr. Monica Leung, a colleague and friend from my primary exam study group. Mon is an Emergency Registrar working in Darwin and an accomplished musician who can sometimes be found within the flute section of the Darwin Symphony Orchestra or in the ED Musos.

This is a big topic, and some of the risk factors and pathogenic processes can be really similar. It’s important to listen closely to the question so you don’t get things like aortic dissection, aortic stenosis and aortic aneurysm confused. There are also a number of answers which require discussion of several sequential steps, but wherever you look the answer is slightly different. Just pick one version (a recent one) to learn that, rather than getting bogged down in which is the *most right*.

The notes from this show can be found via the link below.
Happy studying!

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