Episode 1 – Upper Limb Anatomy with Dr. Charlotte Greenfield

For this episode I was lucky to be joined by Dr. Charlotte Greenfield, who is an ED registrar on the Sunshine Coast and one of my good friends. Charlotte has also recently passed her Viva exam, and when we practiced together she had a great way of answering in a methodical and flowing approach that was easy to listen to. Naturally, I made a mental note to recruit her for this podcast. She can be found on Twitter at @charlie_jane93.

Please enjoy our coverage of the upper limb. The notes from this show can be found via the link below.

Don’t forgetfor anatomy questions you can be given photos, bones, models and diagrams, so don’t forget to familiarise yourself with those as well.

Happy studying!

7 thoughts on “Episode 1 – Upper Limb Anatomy with Dr. Charlotte Greenfield”

    1. Hey Rachael, thanks for your interest! Yes there will be many more episodes, I am hoping to release another 4 within the next month and build from there. Happy to hear any feedback so I can continue to make them better. 🙂

  1. I’m studying anatomy atm for a Health and Rehab science degree and just found this podcast. Thank you! I’m so proud I could almost answer all questions 🙂
    This is nice and easy to listen to. Thanks again.

  2. Hey Charlotte,
    I consolidate while exercising but for the MCQ there wasn’t a tool to do that. Thank you for doing this!

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