Episode 24 – Abdominal and Pelvic Anatomy with Dr. David Monks

The liver, ureters and branches of the aorta! Dr. David Monks joins me for episode 24 to chat about SUPER HIGH YIELD things that exist in the abdomen & pelvis. I’ve worked to condense a relatively massive topic into some streamlined but hard hitting questions with all the details in there. 

There are obviously a lot of images in the anatomy sections of the exams – including all of those great sections from the anatomy book. I sat in 2020 during peak covid times so we did not have models, but I imagine they might be reinstated sometime in the future so make sure you don’t skip over them.

Here are some of the high yield images that have been used in past years… HINT HINT they are in alphabetical order so 1 is usually the aorta etc.

This image is definitely one you need to know. SO MANY people in my exam got nervous and held it the wrong way up, which meant they labelled the liver and spleen backwards etc. Put the spine towards you.

Here are some of my notes. If you use these to help you study please consider donating to my buymeacoffee site – it helps me keep paying for this site and for the podcast hosting etc. This helps me keep it free and not fleece everyone for hundreds of dollars a year like those MCQ banks do… if you can spare $5 it goes a long way. Thank you!

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