Episode 25 – Respiratory Pathology with Dr Issie O’Conor

Asthma, asbestos and ALLLL the pneumonias. Yes! Primary Cast is BACK after a hiatus where your host has been having a bit of downtime and living the locum life. I am hoping to get a few more episodes up in the lead in to the November Vivas so…watch this space. The incredibly lovely Dr. Issie O’Conor joins me on this episode to cover Resp Physiology.

Also – this episode is actually SPONSORED (I know, how cool is that?) by the fantastic team at BluGibbon Medical Recruitment. BluGibbon is actually my locum company that I’ve been working with this year and they reached out to offer to sponsor the pod. You might not know but it costs money every month for me to host these episodes online and also to maintain the website. It is not a very lucrative business so the support is really appreciated. If you decide to locum sometime after sitting these exams, have a look at them because they are excellent at ED placements and if you let them know you found them through Primary Cast they might sponsor some more episodes.

Find out more about them at https://www.blugibbon.com.au/ or check out the video below.

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