Episode 6 – Cellular Injury and Inflammation with Dr. Janet Boromeo

Apoptosis, inflammatory mediators and cellular adaptations! For this episode I am lucky to be joined by the wonderful Dr. Janet Boromeo to tackle one of the more dry topics of this exam. Luckily, there are only so many questions they can ask you on this topic and we have recorded most of them for you here. You’re welcome!

Don’t forget to check out the study notes below for some of the diagrams & snippets from the textbook that we mentioned in the episode.

6 thoughts on “Episode 6 – Cellular Injury and Inflammation with Dr. Janet Boromeo”

      1. Sorry, wasn’t clear.

        There’s 2, maybe 3 points in the cast (spotify version at least) where there’s a second audio overlayed. One it sounds like someone left the room and to tried to call them back.
        Love the cast and keep listening on repeat. I can get the time stamps if it helps.

        1. I think perhaps some glitch along the way with audio processing! I have cleaned and re-uploaded the base audio file so hopefully this has solved the problem. Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

  1. Only Janet could make such a dry topic such a joy to listen to! Please bring her back for another episode soon!

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