Episode 15 – Lower Limb Anatomy (Part 2) with Dr. Anna Morgan

Menisci, cruciate ligaments and the muscles of the leg! Dr. Anna Morgan is back for the long awaited (at least by me) second instalment of Lower Limb Anatomy. Despite my persisting inability to say ‘fibula trochlear’ as part of an answer, we managed to get this one done just in time for those sitting their vivas this month.

Apologies for being off the grid for a while, unfortunately my computer had a minor breakdown and deleted all of my drafted recordings including a great one about how to study for success which I will convert into a blog instead.

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2 thoughts on “Episode 15 – Lower Limb Anatomy (Part 2) with Dr. Anna Morgan”

  1. When migraines hit, but the guilt of not studying is far stronger … listen to Primary Podcast! Thanks heaps for this Charlotte!

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