Episode 11 – Neuro Pharmacology with Dr. Nick Lelos

Local anaesthetics, nitrous and ketamine! Dr Nick Lelos joins me for episode 11 where we discuss all things neuro pharmacology. Nick is an ED registrar who is interested in trauma, speaks multiple languages and reckons studying for the primary is worse than learning Russian. Go figure.

This is an enormous topic so don’t feel overwhelmed – this will be an episode you might have to come back to a few times. I found learning these drugs really challenging because there is SO MUCH information in the textbook. Ultimately I got there by just learning all of the stuff on ED Vivas (Thanks Luke!) and then adding to that any additional information I picked up from MCQ’s that I failed along the way.

I have uploaded my notes from this topic below – not as many cute images but is literally all that I learned so if it’s not on there, you don’t probably need it to pass. Note, this statement was not endorsed by ACEM (!!) 😂

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